A brief history of the system

History begins with Lauz, the first planet where people settled, a slow process that took place over centuries, after an automated terraforming expedition took on the task of preparing the planet for Earth life.

Progress was slow at first, allowing the first people to develop its own, rich culture. Art and traditions carried from their home world got mixed and transformed while at the same time, technology and industry developed at an increasing pace, allowing them to leave the planet for the first time.

Nowadays, people are spread across the system. While most of the population remains in Lauz, Daxio and Dunhar have become second and third homes for humanity, their population still growing and projected to surpass Lauz’s.

But where and when is Earth?

This is a question that’s not meant to be answered. Humans could have arrived on Lauz on the year 2100, or the year 21000. It doesn’t matter. A new beginning for humanity means cutting all ties with their home world, but still carrying its culture, background and its diverse biosphere.