The Tropical Belt

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The Tropical Belt of Lauz is the band delimited by the 15th parallels north and south. Most of the continental landmasses are located within this narrow band, as well as most of the species and ecosystems on the planet. Despite being exposed to the fury of the storms, scorching heat, and intolerable humidity, it’s one of the richest, most fertile, and diverse environments. The majority of the nutrients carried by the hemispheric oceans end up here, giving the water an unmistakable turquoise hue. Brimming with minerals, algae, and microorganisms, the food chain gets stronger and life flourishes.

Studying the biological mechanisms of this region allow us to understand the complex interactions between species, climate, geography, and astronomy, and gives us tools to preserve our fragile sphere.

This field guide illustrates common species that you can find in reefs, coasts and rainforests. Despite their abundance in this region, they are still subjects of study and appreciation. A human silhouette is provided for size comparison.

Tropical Fauna

Tropical Flora