The Orbital Cylinder

Around Daxio’s barycenter, hundreds of orbital vivariums host the perfect environment for a perfect life, even on the coldest reaches of the system. Thanks to superior manufacturing techniques, engineering, and logistics, cubic kilometers of complex machinery and computing power maintain the delicate ecological balance of the habitat, measuring the environment every microsecond and regulating its climate.

A popular tourist attraction, an overcomplicated natural reserve, a giant space syringe, a bubble in the middle of the hostile vacuum. This marvel of engineering brings otherwise impossible landscapes and experiences to people’s daily lives, making campfires, rainy days, and wooden cabins in the age of nuclear fusion and metamaterials possible.

Large research projects are conducted in these habitats, and every ecological engineering endeavor provides valuable knowledge and develops new technologies for hosting ever more complex biospheres. Landscapists are praised for their detailed scenery, artists admired for their spectacular holographic projections, and engineers revered for hiding absurd amounts of complexity under grass fields and lakes.