Libraries around Daxio

Just by entering a sequence of numbers, you will have access to all the information that humanity has ever created. The trick is to know which numbers to enter.

Storing information is just as important as creating it. Before delving into the methods of content distribution, it’s interesting to know what kind of information is stored in Daxio’s libraries. Besides books, they’re equipped for storing digital files such as audio, video, software, and tridimensional models. Specialized libraries have the capacity of storing physical objects, such as biological organisms, alive and dead, original documents, artwork, materials, chemicals, manufactured goods, etc.

The hallways are so vast that no archivist could ever go through them all. The shelves so tall that their knowledge scares. The information so valuable that ten copies are not enough. Due to this, the libraries are kept in total darkness, guarded by Daxio’s eternal ice, perpetuating knowledge until infinity.

The majority of libraries are located on the surface of Daxio I and II, taking advantage of the low temperatures to keep the data centers operating with maximum efficiency. They employ powerful antennas to transmit and receive information from orbital cylinders, distributing the information to facilitate access. Periodic and obsessive health and integrity checks are performed, treating knowledge as one of the fundamental pillars of society. Behind each stored document and object, there exists an extensive and formal record that registers its origins, as well as each movement, modification, time and place of storage.

You would be scared if you knew what is kept there. Even the most insignificant is stored.

A common library, such as those inside orbital cylinders, have space for highly requested files, with the ability to communicate with the network of libraries in Daxio’s orbital space. Using a standardized identifier key, is possible to access the content stored in any of the libraries.

For the common user, storing content on the Library is just as easy as requesting it. This has allowed Daxio to amass vast amounts of information, exponentially increasing the number of data centers. The storage process is complex and meticulous, so numerous standards exist to ensure the longevity of the information. Using multiple redundancy layers, backup copies, digitalization and distribution techniques, Daxio aspires to become Humanity’s Library.